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Curtis young product of my dna download

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Curtis young product of my dna

Compton rapper and self-proclaimed West Coast revivalist Curtis Young already had a leg up in that department, being the son of the West. When Rap listeners hear “Curtis,” thoughts may immediately shift to 50 Cent but another Curtis is ready to make a name for himself. Curtis Young found out Dr. Dre was his father when he was 12 years old. Three years later, Young's It was really hard to finally get the DNA test and meet him.” Young wound up I'm cast to play my father. That is official.

I would cop his album strictly for the beats. Lyrically he isn't that bad. Edit: 1. That's definitely Dre's son. Looks just like him. 2. At did he say. Curtis Young, son of super producer Dr. Dre, is ready to continue his father's legacy anticipating the summer release of his debut album, "Product Of My DNA.