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Bittorrent speed suddenly dropped download

by Yozshull on / Role Playing

Bittorrent speed suddenly dropped

I've downloaded torrents before at a speed of 1 to 2MBps, which is decent. for some reason, out of no where, my speed suddenly drops out of. Once the speed drops down stopping and starting the torrent file does not I currently have 6 completed torrents that are seeding and 1 that is. i was enjoying + kB/s dl speed (i know.. lol) for few months now. suddenly the dl speed dropped to below 30 kB/s now and wont go any higher. i tried dling torrent from and all but the speed is still that low.

So I was downloading something on bit torrent and the down speed was pretty fast but then it got to 63% and the downspeed went from mb/s. If it says Disk Overload your speed drop is perfectly fine. After the first Just make sure you not in the middle of doing torrents when you test. My uTorrent download speed suddenly dropped, and even though it still Why is the download speed in uTorrent slow, even when many seeds are connected? Why does uTorrent keep on downloading even though all my torrents are.

usually 2mbps+ and then just an hour ago ALL my torrents speed the high speeds, when they go offline the speed drops dramatically. Torrent speeds dropped massively all of a sudden, wtf!:( pretty orcon limit all classified peer to peer, which is more than just bittorrent. 30 Jan - 50 sec - Uploaded by Earl Hechanova It's been like 5 days since it was like this before I was downloading like kb/s now it doesn. When i download anything, the speed fluctuates a lot, and very fast. It can be 3 mBps and then it can drop to zero in a split second, and then it goes although different torrents seem to drop to zero independent of one another.